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2-Player 2D Racing Game. Made for the Global Game Jam 2018

You are a cow, run to the end.

Transmit your genetics to your offspring by mating with other farm animals. (YOU DIE AFTER MATING, BUT THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE YOU CARRY ON THROUGH YOUR CHILDREN)

Then use your one-time use inherited abilities to launch yourself forward

Mate by spam-clicking your thrust button while on another animal.


Player 1: 

wasd - move

[space] - thrust

[m]-use ability

Player 2: 

arrow keys - move

[numkey0] - thrust

[numkey1]-use ability

Credits to:

John Wang - Programmer

Melvyn Li - Programmer

Nick Fraportti - Animator / Project Manager

Winnie Su - Graphic Artist

Jake Butineau - Sound Design / Composer

Install instructions

Download, then run executable.


Journey.zip 17 MB

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